Wednesday, August 21st

21 Aug

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On the docket

Introduction to the unit 1 major assignments

Listen to Junot Diaz’s “How to Date a Brown Girl (Black Girl, White Girl, or Halfie)”



To bring for Friday:
Your major assignment sheet I passed out in class today

The Diaz story “How to Date…”

Read and bring

Read and bring to class both of the Guernica stories below. (Okay, okay, I know how much you hate printing something out for every class. This time you can print the stories or bring a laptop or tablet, but make sure you pull it up before class so we don’t have to worry about internet issues.)


Think about ahead of time

Finish writing your notes on “How to Date…” (But I won’t be picking those up until the end of the unit.)

It seems like a long way away, but start thinking about ideas for your unit story!



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